JWT "McAllister" Chanter Reeds

CAD18.00 each
Reed Strength


The McAllister pipe chanter reed has set the standard for bagpipe tone for over 40 years.

Designed to exacting specifications to provide full, projecting and resonant tone for soloists and bands.

The reed is known for-
- rich, warm harmonics
- durability
- reliable in all conditions
- extremely stable Piobaireachd High G
- balanced scale suitable for any model of pipe chanter
- classic “round-shoulder” and smooth tapered design

All reeds are hand crafted and rigorously tested. A single reed will provide pipers with months and even years of consistent playing.

The McAllister reed is played by many of today’s top soloists.


A note about reeds and shipping costs:

The web site software estimates shipping based on number of items. When you order 12 reeds, the system will charge you $2/reed. Please be aware this is an estimate only, and we’ll refund your excess postage once we’ve packaged and shipped the parcel.

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