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smallpipes600Fred Morrison Smallpipes are made by McCallum Bagpipes, in consultation with Fred Morrison. The smallpipes come in either A or D, and there are also combination sets featuring 4 drones, plus chanters in A and D. Customers can choose various engraving options, as well as whether or not to include an on/off switch for the drones in either bellows or mouth-blown versions.

About the bellows and smallpipes. [YouTube video with Fred Morrison]

The smallpipes are also designed to fit the Fred Morrison Reelpipes bag and bellows, so that combination sets are possible, having both smallpipes and reelpipes use the same "engine."

Prices for these pipe vary according to the options you choose [engraving, drone switch] and also the bellows-blown pipes are more expensive because of the work involved in making the world's best bagpipe bellows!

Note: pipes in both A and D come in either bellows or mouth-blown versions.


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New Regulations for Importing & Exporting African Blackwood

In late 2016, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) added African Blackwood to their list of protected species. This means that all sales and transport of African Blackwood are strictly monitored, and it provides some extra administrative steps for bagpipe manufacturers and retailers.

New tracking and certification for exports will mean that there will be an added £70 fee to ANY blackwood product shipped from the UK. Some of this will be mitigated by bulk shipping (£70 regardless of number of items), but individually shipped orders of reelpipes, smallpipes and Highland pipes will incur this extra fee.

USA customers ordering blackwood products from Reelpipes.com will pay the £70 if the product is shipped direct to them from the factory, however there will be no extra charge for products in stock, shipped from Canada to the USA. There is still a requirement for a Canadian export certificate, but at this time there is no extra charge for that, but it will mean a delay waiting for certification.

For more information on CITES, visit: https://www.cites.org/

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