Stephen Creighton SC-1 by Vater

CAD22.50 each
SC-1 stick finish


normal stephen creighton is extremely pleased to offer drummers the sticks designed for World Champion Lead Drummer Stephen Creighton of the St. Lawrence O'Toole Pipe Band. As well as being  consistently in the World Solos final for the last 25 years, Stephen has brought his drum corps to the very top of the pipe band world, including straight firsts at the 2016 World Pipe Band Championships.

The stick has been designed to Stephen's specification using the best raw materials by Vater Percussion, the World's leading producer of drum sticks across all genres. Stephen is the first pipe band drummer to join the global Vater artist community.

Listen to St. Lawrence O'Toole's recent World's performances, and you will get to hear first-hand the tonal projection and quality delivered by the SC-1 stick.


Note on postage: Sticks are awkward to mail. If you are ordering multiple pairs, postage costs may add up. We'll refund any overpayment on postage once we get a value on the package. If you'd rather email and get a quote on sending multiple pairs of sticks, we can let you know costs before you order, and sort your payment.

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