Bruce Gandy Collection - Volume 1


Bruce Gandy Book 1 - This collection of tunes from Bruce Gandy feature tunes from Bruce and some of his friends. This collection has an interesting collection of the marches, strathspeys, reels, jigs and hornpipes with the history of many of the tunes titles. Bruce is one of North America's finest composers. His music is played throughout the piping world.

Tunes in this book:

Amy's Reel
Angus Dhu
Annette's Chatter
Bee Street Fiddlers, The
Big Ed's Bogie
Black Sheep Reel, The
Bruce Gandy's Farewell To The Iron Horse
Bush Reel, The
Busy Buddy, The
Caledonia B-Line
Call To The Bar
Calliope House
Caroline's Jig
Chelsea Elizabeth Hardie
Colin Roy Mac Lellan
Double 'G' Walkabout
Down For A Brown
Evan Mac Rae's March To Fort Sherman
Fulton Eyes
Godfather's Strathspey, The
Harris Dance
Harris Dance, A
Home At Last
Homewrecker, The
Horselett Hill House
Irish Washerwoman, The
Isle Of Hoy
Jack Keir
Karen Nutall
Katrina Baker
King's Reel, The
Kinross Hornpipe, The
Lament For Freeman's Whistle
Lampson St. March
Lionel The Dhu
Madam Of Whitby, The
Manawatu Scottish Society Pipe Band, The
Marie's Strathspey
Markham Reel, The
Mason's Apron, The
Michael Grey's March Through New Zealand
Miss Frankie O'Neill
Murdo Mac Kenzie Of Blughasary
Niall From Glenroe
Nine In A Row
Nine-Twelve Split
Norman Gillies
Norman Mac Leod Of South Dell
Parrot And The Diamond Cutter, The
Pat And Steve's Jig
Pipe Major Sandy Gordon
Piper's Hoedown, The
Poisoned Dwarf
Real Mackay
Robert D. Tuthill Of Victoria, B. C.
Saint Andrews And Caledonian Society Of Victoria, B. C.
Salute On The Birth Of Alexander Bruce
Sheppard House
Skye Dance
Slip Jig, A
Sue's Last Frame
Thornbury Cottage
Tom Bowen's Hornpipe
Traditional Reel
Troy's Strathspey, The
Tullymore House
Victoria Harbour
Waiting For Alexander
Walter Sammon's Grandmother
Wellington Police Pipers In Australia, The

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