Boveda for Tone Protector

CAD1.50 each

If you live in a particularly dry area (Canadian/American prairies) then you'll want to replace your Boveda humidity pouch 2-3 times each year. The Tone Protector keeps your sound stable when the reed is stored at or near 84% moisture, and the drier your climate (cold winters/central heating) the harder your Tone Protector has to work to keep things stable.

The Boveda bags are shipped in small plastic bags so they don't dry out, and it pays to have extras. In a band situation, we sometimes have swapped them all at once, and this has the effect of bringing all the reeds closer without any tuning.


POSTAGE: the website adds postage according to numbers of items as an estimate. It always charges too much on smaller items, especially when you order multiples. You won't have to chase us for extra postage paid, we always return excess p[ostage when the parcel is shipped.