"A Scottish Soldier" Johnny Forrest and The Gay Tartans LP

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Johnny Forrest was one of many Scottish singers who toured North America, and here he covers some of the cl;assic songs of the era, including the popular "Let's Have a Ceilidh" which was very well known in the 1970s. Tracklist A1 A Scottish Soldier 3:08 A2 Hielan Lassie 2:09 A3 The Gay Tartans Waltz 1:42 A4 Songs Of Scotland 2:03 A5 Mingulay Boat Song 1:52 A6 Heather Bells 2:05 B1 Let's Have A Ceilidh 1:35 B2 Will Ye Go Lassie Go 2:23 B3 The Dark Island 1:55 B4 The Toorie On His Bonnet 2:18 B5 My Scottish Homeland 2:49 B6 No, No, No, No, Geordie Munro 2:24

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