The Tone Protector Reed Case - Uilleann Reeds

CAD69.95 each

The Tone Protector™ Reed Case offers unparalleled protection for your valuable uilleann bagpipe reeds. Designed by Jori Chisholm in consultation with, the uilleann case provides humidified storage and protection for your uilleann chanter and regulator reeds. Storing your reeds at a constant and precisely-chosen humidity level is the single easiest and powerful thing you can do to instantly improve your bagpipe sound.  That’s exactly what the Tone Protector does.

Extend the life of your reeds by storing them in at a constant and precisely-chosen humidity level.

Ensure that all of your reeds are ready to be played.

Achieve a more consistent sound from day to day, more stable pitch, greater precision of tuning, clearer sound, more efficient pipes that are easier to play.

The Tone Protector is a complete reed storage and maintenance system that keeps your reeds at constant humidity level to ensure consistent, optimal reed performance.