McCallum Bagpipes - Fully Engraved Alloy Mounts

CAD1,865.00 each
McCallum Engraving Patterns

Ready to Play - Standard setup
Standard Maintenance Package
Deluxe Maintenance Package
McCallum Bagpiper Case


McCallum's Fully Engraved Alloy model is fully mounted with alloy beaded ferrules, projecting mounts, tuning slides and detail on the blowpipe mouthpiece and chanter. The pipe chanter is plastic. The mounts, ferrules, and ring caps are threaded. McCallum bagpipes include a 5-year guarantee from date of manufacture.

Engraving patterns include: Thistle, Victorian, Celtic, Zoomorphic, Irish, Fire and Police!

These are gorgeous bagpipes that give the look and sound of full silver, without the cost!

Add the set-up and maintenance packages you want to get the best possible start to your piping.

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