Peter Henderson Celtic Heritage Bagpipes

CAD2,629.00 each
Henderson chanter option

Bagpipeskin - Hedgehog
Ready to Play - Standard setup
Standard Maintenance Package
ETY - ER•20XS Hearing Protection

This unique set of Heritage Bagpipes features laser-etched Celtic nickel with a Celtic runic design etched into the wood. Traditionally, the wood on bagpipes is combed and beaded, however this set’s intricate wood design will stand out from the rest. An instrument of the highest quality to play and pass onto the next generation.

Peter Henderson Heritage Bagpipes are made from African Blackwood, instrument-grade boxwood and nickel with a unique laser-etched design. The projecting mount profile is based on a 1910 set which are more refined in comparison to those of the 1920s. The boxwood we have carefully selected is rated first grade and polishes to a high natural lustre, providing a beautiful contrast to African Blackwood. Using state of the art software, we have created a unique Celtic design with a level of detail that can only be achieved with laser etching.

• Celtic runic-etched African blackwood.
• Laser etched nickel ferrules, slides, ring caps and mouthpiece slide.
• Boxwood projecting mounts and bushes.

The unique sound and tonal qualities of Peter Henderson bagpipes ensure that pipers of all abilities aspire to own a set.

PH blackwood bagpipes feature an innovative plastic lining system in the blowpipe and blowpipe stock which protects the inside of the wood from the stresses and strains caused by moisture.
Each Set comes with it’s own unique number engraved on the bass stock and covered by a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee.


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