Flash Cards for Pipers

CAD29.95 each

Reelpipes.com has developed a custom set of Piper's Flash Cards to serve as a fun learning tool for individuals and groups. Each set comes with 100 cards, covering all the notes, note values, and movements. These are great for learning, preparing for piping exams, and they can be used a few different ways.

Each card has a clear, readable notation on one side, and the proper name and explanation on the reverse. Use them to liven up group lessons, have students work in small groups or pairs to sharpen each others' skills, or give them as timed drills to measure the progress of learning. 

They can also be used in reverse: show the student the writing side, and get them to write the correct notes or movement. Set includes all notes, note values, gracenotes and gracenote groupings, doublings, strikes, taorluaths, clefs and even some different types of bagpipes!

Each set comes in a snap-shut, sturdy plastic case to keep the cards clean, dry and unbent when not in use.