The History & Structure of Ceol Mor

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Bagpipes - A National Collection of a National Instrument
General Principles of Piobaireachd: A Guide to Interpretation
The Pipers Meeting - - New Tunes From The Campbell Canntaireachd

A Guide to Piobaireachd - The Classical Music of the Great Highland Bagpipe.

First published in 1982 by The Univerity of Glasgow. This is the work of Alexander John Haddow, a medical doctor and university lecturer, with an avid interest in Gaelic literature, West Highland life and lore, and natural science.

The book is in two main sections. The first contains articles on the history of the music. as well as tune-by-tune histories of many of the great tunes in the repertoire. This has been used as source of information by producers. recitalists, and writers for many years.

The second section contains a breakdown of tune structure, giving phrase structure and note and tonal patterns for many tunes. This is an invaluable resource for pipers approaching a new tune, and provides a handy short cut for memorization.

224 pages. Size: 8.5" x 5.75"

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