Complete Bagpipe Maintenance

Complete Bagpipe Maintenance
Complete Bagpipe MaintenanceComplete Bagpipe MaintenanceComplete Bagpipe Maintenance
CAD99.00 each

Canning Drone Reeds with Inverted Bass
Selbie Drone Reeds
Mouthpiece Protectors
Blowpipe Valve
Pipe chanter reed (best suited)

We'll give your bagpipe the once over, and if you decide it's time, we'll:

• oil all wood parts with almond oil, and polish and clean away the residue;

• clean and polish all mounts

• completely re-hemp pipes for smooth, airtight joints

• check airtightness, re-tie any loose/leaking stocks

• replace flapper valve if needed

• season hide or sheepskin bags

• play the pipes to set and tune reeds, balance strengths


We have added some options for upgrades, also.