The Tone Protector

CAD89.00 each
Tone Protector Colour

Designed by professional piper Jori Chisholm, this is the world’s first digital chanter cap with two-way humidity control technology.

Stabilize your tone and tuning. Protect your reed from changing weather conditions. Get a consistently great sound every time you play. Anywhere in the world. Save money and hassle with reeds that last 3 to 4 times longer. Play more. Tune less.

US and UK Patents pending. 


Benefits and features:

Improved consistency.
More consistent sound from day to day, even if you take several days off.

Tune once and it will hold.
After playing for a few minutes, you’ll only need to tune your pipes once and they’ll stay in tune.

Great tone in any weather or climate. Anywhere in the world.
More reliable performance even in different places with varying conditions (hot/cold, inside/outside, home/traveling).

Quicker warm ups.
Dramatically shorter warm up time. Pipes are always instantly ready to play.

Superior tone.
A warmer, richer, more stable sound.

Great tone all year.
Consistent tone and tuning all year-long, regardless of the season (summer/winter).

Reeds last 3-4x longer.
Save time. Save hassle. Save money.

No surprises.
Your pipes will SOUND and FEEL the same every day. No unexpected surprises. No emergencies.

Play more. Tune less.
You’ll enjoy spending more time playing, with less time tuning and messing around with your reeds.

Reeds stay like new.
Your reeds stay cleaner and more hygienic. No more licking or pinching means the reeds look fresh and new for much longer.

The secret formula:
Constant Humidity = Ultimate Steadiness + More Consistent + Greater Tuning Precision +Instant Warm Up + Longer Lasting Reeds


Here's what some of the world's best pipers are saying about the Tone Protector:

Just a quick note to let you know that I am loving The Tone Protector. My chanter seems way more stable than ever. Brilliant! -Callum Beaumont, Gold Medallist and Clasp Winner

I have been using The Tone Protector for several months and it is an excellent product. The Tone Protector stabilizes the reed, reduces the amount of time required to balance the notes on the chanter, and extends the life of the reed by eliminating mold build up. The range of colors available allow me to manage the range of chanters I play.  I highly recommend the Tone Protector to pipers of all abilities. -Alastair Dunn, Gold Medallist and Pipe Sergeant of the Ten-Time World Champion Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band

I love my Tone Protector. I used it this summer and was pleased with how much more stable my chanter was 'out of the box' than with a traditional reed protector — particularly after getting off an airplane! I was so impressed we have ordered them for the entire pipe corps. -Pipe Major Alan Bevan, Six-Time World Champion SFU Pipe Band

The Tone Protector has definitely helped to keep the reed in playing condition while I haven’t been playing it. It’s been great. -Iain Speirs, Clasp Winner and Winner of the Gillies Cup Piobaireachd, London 2017

The Tone Protector is working great. I used it in the lead up to the Springbank Invitational and it cut the warm up time of the reed down significantly which meant more time actual practice on the tunes. -Gordon McReady

It certainly helps in not having to blow in/up your pipe to start the practice session. You certainly are doing well with a number of Grade 1 bands purchasing the Tone Protector. Congratulations on your product, Jori. -Donald McPhee

Living in the Canadian prairies, it has been a life-long challenge to maintain appropriate levels of moisture in the bagpipe to obtain a full, rich sound. The Tone Protector has been an instant winner in this environment, and I’ve found my solo pipes to almost not need tuning. They stay stable for long periods of time, and—best of all—they come out of the case pretty much ready to play. The response of my band setup to the Tone Protector has been equally impressive, and the two bands in our organization are looking forward to using these. The visual reading of humidity takes away all the guesswork. -P/M Iain MacDonald, City of Regina Pipe Band

The Tone Protector is the next major advancement in piping technology. It is, simply put, brilliant: it has made tuning and set up of my pipes nearly automatic and instantaneous. It is the product we have all been needing. -David Hester, AltPibroch Club

You have created the biggest technology jump in piping since the initial development of the plastic drone reed. -Ian Blackie

The Tone Protector is so absolutely amazing!!!! I love this thing! It should be required for all pipers, the cost is nothing compared to the time lost of less than ideal playing and it makes me happy knowing my reed is stable. -Jesse L.