Ezeedrone Reeds for Highland Pipes [Inverted Bass]

CAD109.00 each

This version of the popular Ezeedrone reeds has an inverted bass for smooth, trouble-free starts and a rich sound.

The most popular brand of synthetic drone reeds, and one of the most endorsed, with current top pipers such as Iain Speirs, Roddy MacLeod, James P. Troy and Bruce Gandy all being long-time users of the reeds.

Ezeedrone reeds are manufactured from a material with very similar tonal qualities to natural cane. They produce a sound which is practically indiscernible from that of the best traditional cane reeds.

Ezeedrone bass reeds are equally steady and produce a rich, deep, quality sound, which is one of the main characteristics of all best sounding bagpipes.

Ezeedrone reeds are manufactured to a very high level of precision and are subjected to rigorous quality checks prior to distribution.

They are pre-adjusted and will settle immediately in most bagpipes, requiring little maintenance and producing excellent harmonics when accompanied by a good chanter with a well-balanced reed.