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McCallum Band Chanter - 2018 Edition

Reelpipes.com is proud to offer the extensive range of McCallum Bagpipes pipe chanters in Polypenco or wood. These instruments are a quality product producing a true tone for the discerning ear. Each chanter carries the McCallum Bagpipes marking, your guarantee of workmanship to the highest standards.

With McCallum Bagpipes pipe chanters featuring in a number of major championship winning performances at the highest level of competition, it is no surprise that no less than 15 of the world’s finest pipe bands have selected our chanter to deliver their musical presence.

At the same time, bands in all grades have selected the McCallum chanter because of the easy reeding and setup, the consistent sound delivered, and the affordable price. Reelpipes.com can help your band get the McCallum advantage!

Whether you need one chanter, a few to match what you have, or a set for a band, contact us to discuss your needs and we'll get you sorted with great chanters at a competitive price.

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